Since Skalman Racing (SRW) used a modified Yamaha RD 350 YPVS (called RZ 350 in some parts of the world), Rickard has lots of experience when it comes to the mechanics of this bike. Here you'll be able to share some of Rickards knowledge regarding tuning and maintenance of the RD 350.


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General info about the Yamaha RD/RZ 350 YPVS

The engine in the Yamaha RD 350 YPVS is a very robust construction. Originally it produces 47-50 bhp (all bhp figures on this site are REAR WHEEL figures unless other is written), and with some simple modifications (that I will describe on this site when I get the time) you can raise that to 55-65 bhp. SRW:s race engine produce +75 bhp (that is approx 90 hp on the crank!) using almost only modified original parts - original clutch, original gearbox, original crankshaft, original cylinder head, etc. 
[last versions of the SRW engine made +80 bhp on regular fuel]

The only "weak point" of the engine is the YPVS exhaust valve, which can get stuck if you leave it unattended for a long period of time. Of course the engine needs maintenance as all engines, but if you give it to your RD than it will serve you for a long time.

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