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HEM / Fatsacs / Sumo Max Flow 4250 Pump
Sumo Max Flow 4250 Pump
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Sumo Max Flow 4250 Fatsac Pump

Meet the fastest filling portable ballast system in the industry. Straight Line's new Max Flow Pump packs 4,250GPH of ballast filling punch. Now you can spend less time filling and draining ballast and more time riding your bigger and better wave!

The proprietary design of the Straight Line Sumo Max Flow Pump is built to integrate directly with the Straight Line Sumo Max ballast bags. A larger Max Flow Link Valve makes it possible to get 50% faster fill and drain times compared to the Super Sumo Pump.

Fill Rate: This pump fills and drains at a rate of 200 pounds per minute
Flow Rate: 4,250 gallons Per Hour / 70 gallons per minute*
Inline Power Switch: Yes
Bag Compatibility: Directly compatible with Sumo Max Bags

Straight Line Sumo Max Flow Pump Features
+ 4,250 Gallons Per Hour: The Super Max Flow Pump can fill over 200 pounds in 60 seconds!

+Plug-N-Play Operation: Designed to work with all Sumo, Straight Line and Big Bag models.

+ Sumo Dry-Lock Link Valve: Creates a water-tight seal for leak free operation and a dry boat.

+ Sumo Switch with LED Lighting: Stop wondering whether or not your portable pump is working.

+ Fully sealed motor with dual rubber gaskets: Helps to give ballast pump a longer life.

+ Clear View 12 Foot / 3.5 meter long armored hose: Be able to see the flow while filling/draining.

+ 12 Foot / 3.5 Meter long power cord: Be able to reach a ballast bag in any spot of your boat.

+ 1-1/2 Inch / 45mm water intake port: Larger diameter = quicker fill/drain times.

+ Fully submersible: Works with both freshwater and saltwater.

Bag Compatibility:
This ballast pump is only compatible with Straight Line Sumo and Straight Line Big Bag ballast bags equipped with the LINK fitting. A gasket kit is supplied with the MAX pump to be cross compatible with these two series of Straight Line bags. But some residual water may leak out during the filling and draining process. For maximum performance you will need to upgrade to new Sumo Max ballast bags that are equipped with the Sumo Max LINK valve. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

We are aware of a discrepancy between the rated volume and the rated weight this pump can produce. We are providing the numbers published by Straight Line for consistency. Based on our testing, the 200 pounds/minute fill rate is an accurate real world number.
Straight Line Max Flow Pump
Straight Line Sumo Max Flow Pump
The quickest pump on the market, fill/drain your ballast at a whopping 4250 GPH. That is over 200 pounds per minute!


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